Ann Segrave is a fine landscape poet of great precision: whether she is describing the Sussex Downs or a fabulous geography of clouds, the poems in Persimmon are acutely, musically and delicately observed.

Janet Sutherland


The world disclosed in ‘Aviatrix’ offers us multiple views of our common earth and air: from the perspective of a bird, of a dog, or of a mother and a sister: from the experience of a traveller and of a connoisseur of the homebound and familiar.As a result, we grow new eyes that show us Friesian cows “like tumbled dice”, a grenadine moon in a Provencal sky. Like all true poets, Ann Segrave finds ways of translating the merely known into the vividly perceived: the pain of a father`s death in the numbness of a scarred fingertip; the delight of a walk on the Sussex downs in a crow’s wing so dark it ”shines and winks like cut glass”.

Janice Kulyk Keefer

Ann is the Aviatrix, the Windhover with the pin-sharp bird`s eye view whose vivid imagery captures the ordinary.

Maggie Butt

These poems are suffused with a luminous, tender honesty, celebrating a life in all its rich textures.Whether drawing from her Sussex Downland, Crete, or Provence, Ann Segrave paints each pigment of her landscapes into sharp relief.With an eye for the distinctive in the ordinary, she unearths memory and honours the everyday.

Miriam Darlington

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